Everything is Currently at 7 to 10 Business Days TAT......AUGUST 2020 Restock begins Monday August 10th @ 6PM CST. 21 NEW Fragrances will be featured in scent shots, clam shells, break away bars and there will be new shapes and combo packs introduced this month as well. Remember you can always find previously featured scents in Scent shots, clam shells and Break away bars in your choice of Glam (with color and sparkly bling) or Simplicity (Plain White Wax)



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This is for a SINGLE TILE for double Tiles Please order 2 This way you can mix and Match at the same Price of purchasing a double pack and have more fragrance options!

Approximately 1.60 to 1.65 oz. total weight.

All of our wax melt products are hand made and poured in small batches. We cannot guarantee exact design layout or color match from batch to batch. We do strive to get them as close as possible so you know what to expect with each design