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Kinetic Wax Scoopable (Ready To Ship)
Kinetic Wax Scoopable (Ready To Ship)
Kinetic Wax Scoopable (Ready To Ship)
Kinetic Wax Scoopable (Ready To Ship)
Kinetic Wax Scoopable (Ready To Ship)
Kinetic Wax Scoopable (Ready To Ship)
Kinetic Wax Scoopable (Ready To Ship)
Kinetic Wax Scoopable (Ready To Ship)

Kinetic Wax Scoopable (Ready To Ship)

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Kinetic Wax Scoopables are 100% GREASE LESS alternative to sccopable wax. Most scoopable wax products are a mixture of wax and oil to create a smooth creamy texture that you can scoop out of a container right in to your warmer. I love the concept of the scoopable but I never really liked the oily greasy consistency. 

Our Kinetic Wax Scoops are made with NO additional oils (well other than the fragrance oils that make them smell so wonderful.). After numerous attempts at trying to find an suitable alternative for scoopable wax that does not add additional oils I believe we have finally cracked the code. 

We have developed a process that allows us to use the exact same 100% paraffin wax we use in our wax melts you have all grown to know and love so much and no additional oils the result is a soft pliable SCOOPABLE wax that has the consistency very much like Kinetic Sensory Sand. 

Our wax is pliable, moldable, shapeable, and meltable but most of all it SMELLS FANTASTIC! 

Available in The following fragrances:

Bum Bum Type: This scent is all the craze in Brazil, actually pronounced “Boom Boom”, having an emphasis on the booty which seems to be a huge obsession in their country. A Brazilian beauty secret is being cheirosa (sheh-rô-zah), which means to always smell incredibly delicious from sunrise to sundown which you are guaranteed to do with this incredible scent! Salted caramels, pistachio, warm creamy maple, hints of fruity and citrus, ambergris & sandalwood.

 All The Pretty Little Horses: Fresh ripe berries, tart and tangy citrus, sugary sweetness, fresh coconut &creamy hints of vanilla

Taurus: The loyalty and trustworthiness of a Taurus is truly Genuine. They have a strong sense of patience and tend to remain calm in most situations. This bright beautiful blend of Champagne Toast Type and Delicious Sweet Cotton Candy is a perfect companion to Make a Taurus feel as comfy and loved as they make those around them.

It's A Girl Thing: A fun feminine fruity fragrance blended with Blonde Moment, Marshmallow Fluff & Sour Patch Kids

Midnight Bloom: This is another single oil gem I found that I had to share. A delicate and sexy feminine fragrance that is a must try if you like fresh, clean and slightly floral feminine blends. This one is just beautiful. Pink grapefruit, Italian mandarin, sweet ripe apple, magnolia, rose petals, purple orchid, English ivy, precious woods & cashmere musk.

Tiffany’s Best Caramel Apple:  Delicious Sweet & Slightly Fruity Buttercream mixed with Creamy, Fluffy Vanilla Cake, and perfect touches and hints of Toffee, Mac Apple and creamy Carmel.

 Velvet Sugar Type: Wild Strawberry, Nectarine, Pear Blossom, Apple; Whipped Cream, Whiskey, Yellow Plum, Coffee, Pink Jasmine, Honeysuckle, Freesia, Sugar, Caramel, Vanilla, Musk, Amber and Tolu Balsam.

Peace, Love & Happiness: Oh my goodness this oil is so amazing I had to share with you guys! A sexy, sultry, earthy and exotic blend of lemon sparkle, coconut, golden saffron, cherry blossoms, pineapple, star jasmine, sandalwood, patchouli, cedar, musk & vanilla that truly brings out the spirit of peace, love and happiness.

Beach Bungalow: Like being on an exotic vacation breathing in the Salty Sea Air with notes of Dried Coconut, Eucalyptus, Night Blooming Jasmine, Carnation, and Vetiver followed by Sand Musk and White Drift Wood so relaxing.

 Baby Unicorn Breath: coconut, lemon, banana, bubblegum, apples, pears, sugared violet, Satsuma plum, jasmine, cotton candy, Madagascar vanilla, musk, creamy fresh churned butter, & sweet berries. All the yumminess I would expect a baby Unicorn's milk to smell like.

Fluffy Pink Clouds: Delicious Champagne Toast, Sweet Delicious Bazooka Joe Bubble Gum & Sour Patch Kids

Although we do use ONLY SKIN SAFE fragrance oils in our Kinetic Wax Scoops,  we do highly recommend that  if you do mold your own shapes in an ice tray like mold; or simply shape like clay that your ALWAYS wash your hands thoroughly with soap and water after you have exposed your hands to the wax, or wear protective gloves is you will be handling for a long period of time.

This IS a Home fragrance product and NOT a toy. Please keep out of reach of children and pets.