Wickedly Delicious Candy Potions Candy Cauldron Sampler Fragrances

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Cauldron Scents


  1. Boardwalk: Imagine waking on the boardwalk at the beach, all the vendor stands with the yummy snacks for sale you could ever so slightly smell the salt in the air from the ocean as it perfectly blended with all the sweet delicious smells. A blend of Saltwater Taffy, Cotton Candy, Banana, Pomegranate, Wild Cherry and a hint of Gulf Tides.
  2. Candilicious: This Candy scent is absolutely STELLAR it smells so good you can't decide if you want to eat it, or bathe in it. Sweet tart tangy Kumquats and blended with Pink Sugar Type and fresh ripe Berries and a touch of bubble gum it so good it is Candilicious!
  3. Candiverse: This Sweet delicious scent is better than out of this world. It is even better than out of this Universe. It is SO GOOD it is It's own Candiverse! A sweet yet tart and fruity blend of Bubblegum, Berries, Sweet Sugar, Lime Breeze, and a tiny touch of Black Cherry.
  4. Fairy Fizz: This Fun Fruity Fizzy treat is a must for all the Fairies in Pixie Hollow. Tropical Soda Pop, Grape Fizz and Fresh Strawberries.
  5. Fruity Serenade: A perfect blend of Strawberry, Kumquat, Tropical Soda Pop & Pomegranate. This Fruity Blend sings so well together it will fill the room with perfect harmony fragrant notes and dance all around you and make you feel like you have your own personal Serenade.
  6. Sweet Candy Memory: This is a blend I cannot take credit for because Cathy my group admin created it. She suggested the fragrance combination of Mulberry, Cotton Candy Frosting and Pink Sugar and told me how she grew up around Mulberry trees and really wanted a fragrance to remember the scent (where I got the name). Her suggestion was SPOT ON this turned out SCRUMPTIOUS!
  7. Tropical Cotton Candy: A fun and fizzy blend of Tropical Soda Pop and Cotton Candy Frosting for that perfectly sweet Tropical candy combination.
  8. Cotton Candy Cheesecake: Yummy creamy cheesecake blended with sweet fluffy perfectly spun cotton candy. Sweet Creamy and so yummy.
  9. Exotic Fruit Chew: Sweet and fruity blend of Bazooka Joe pink Bubble Gum, Sweet Berries, Sweet Spun Sugar, Kumquat & Pomegranate.
  10. Nose Candy:   Mac Apple, Bubblegum, Berries, Sweet Sugar, & Pink Lime this fragrance is so good it should be illegal hence the name "Nose Candy"
  11. Pink Lime: Top notes of lime, dew fruit, peach, orange, apple, and mandarin blend with middle notes of lily, berries, jasmine, and lavender into a sandalwood, raspberry vanilla, musk, coconut base.
  12. Candy Apple: Crisp Sweet Apples, Candies Oranges, Sweet Sugar, Cinnamon Spices come together perfectly in this delicious fall favorite!
  13. Apple Berry Blast: A fun and fruity combination of Apple Mango Tango, Huckleberry and Deep rich Black Cherry
  14. Candy Dream: A yummy sweet blend of Bubblegum, Berries, Sweet Sugar, Kumquat and a touch of French Vanilla. You will have more than Sugar Plums dancing in your head with this Candy Dream.
  15. Candy Concoction: A beautiful sweet perfect candy scent with Bubblegum, Berries and sweet, sweet sugar.
  16. Salt Water Taffy: Oh those delicious little pieces of candy - chewy, sweet, citrusy, berry, and just a hint of sea salt.
  17. Pink Bubble Gum: This is a true to life pink Bazooka Joe® Type bubble gum fragrance. That distinctly sweet delicious strong unmistakable old school bubble gum scent that is sure to spark a childhood memory.
  18. Dumbo Treats:  This is another single oil I purchased that is just too good not to share. Delicious Coconut, Apple Candy, Pecans, Pralines,Sweet Fluffy Marshmallows, Vanilla Pod, Tonka & Musk.
  19. Cotton Candy: Delicious Sweet Spun Sugar Floss just like at the fair.
  20. Madi's Magic Mixture: Created on a fun filled night that Madi my granddaughter was spending the weekend. She helped me play "Wax Scientist" and created this beautiful blend of bright and sweet citrus notes of Kumquat and creamy rich French Vanilla.

Zombie Scent

  1. Coleman Candies Bubbalicious: A delicious fruity and bubbly good blend of Juicy Fruit Gum Type, Jolly Rancher Watermelon Type & Pink Bubble Gum Type.