The Wax Chronicles GVD Featured Fragrance List

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    • Beach Bungalow: Like being on an exotic vacation breathing in the Salty Sea Air with notes of Dried Coconut, Eucalyptus, Night Blooming Jasmine, Carnation, and Vetiver followed by Sand Musk and White Drift Wood so relaxing.
    • Beignets With Fresh Strawberries & Whipped Cream:  Oh the name says it all.. Just like in a french pastry shop the sweet aroma of fresh baked Beignets blended with tart and sweet ripe fresh strawberries and topped with real creamy whipped cream topping truly a perfect Morning breakfast.
    • Boardwalk: Imagine waking on the boardwalk at the beach all the vendor stands with the yummy snacks for sale you could ever so slightly smell the salt in the air from the ocean as it perfectly blended with all the sweet delicious smells. A blend of Saltwater Taffy, Cotton Candy, Banana, Pomegranate, Wild Cherry and a hint of Gulf Tides.
    • Candilicious: This Candy scent is absolutely STELLAR it smells so good you cant decide if you want to eat it, or bathe in it. Sweet tart tangy Kumquats and blended with Pink Sugar Type and and fresh ripe Berries and a touch of bubble gum it so good it is Candilicious!
    • Celebrating Mo: This is a special blend for me as Kudzu is a favorite of my daughter Morgan; "Mo" as we call her. She used to work with me in my store before she moved 3 hours away and I miss her so much. Every time I smell this fragrance I think of her and Champagne always makes me think of Celebrating this combination is so bubbly and beautiful just like my daughter Mo. A perfect blend of Kudzu flowers and bright bubbly Champagne.
    • Candiverse: This Sweet delicious scent is better than out of this world. It is even better than out of this Universe. It is SO GOOD it is It's own Candiverse! A sweet yet tart and fruity blend of Bubblegum, Berries, Sweet Sugar, Lime Breeze, and a tiny touch of Black Cherry.
    • Eastern Orient Sunset: This is a beautiful woodsy citrus combination of Bamboo with its Asian spices and grassy and lavender notes you'll also find notes of lemon, citronella, melon, and orange from Yellow Summer that just gives the Bamboo such a beautiful brightness.
    • Fairy Fizz: This Fun Fruity Fizzy treat is a must for all the Fairys in Pixie Hollow. Tropical Soda Pop, Grape Fizz and Fresh Strawberries.
    • Fruity Serenade: A perfect blend of Strawberry, Kumquat, Tropical Soda Pop & Pomegranate. This Fruity Blend sings so well together it will fill the room with perfect harmony fragrant notes and dance all around you and make you feel like you have your own personal Serenade.
    • Laundry Day: We’ve blended the supreme freshness of Gain with Clean Cotton (BBW TYPE) for a true on the line freshness and added a touch of Volcano (Capri Blue Type) that truly send this Laundry scent over the top for freshness.
    • Lavender Apple Berry: A Delicious Blend of Lavender, Green Apple, Rose, Jasmine, Sweet Vanilla and Cotton Candy
    • Leather and Lace: A very sensual fragrance of Raw Leather and Sandalwood.
    • Madi's Magic Mixture: Created on a fun filled night that Madi my granddaughter was spending the weekend. She helped me play "Wax Scientist" and created this beautiful blend of bright and sweet citrus notes of Kumquat and creamy rich French Vanilla. It took several tries but we finally found that perfect blend where the two complement each other without one overpowering the other Hence the "Magic" of her mixture
    • Nahna's Towels: There is nothing better than burying your face in thick fluffy fresh clean towels, my grandkids will fall into my towels and breathe in as deep as they can. I Love this Laundry blend as it is a tad bit different The Amish Quilt and Clean Cotton BBW Type together give such a beautiful clean fresh base with the perfect amount of Lavender and a touch of Apple Mango Tango creates a fresh clean scent that is not just super over bearing but soooo good.
    • Pink Chill Pill: A relaxing blend of Pink Sands Type, Pink Lilac & Willow, Pink Sugar Type.
    • Sweet Candy Memory: This is a blend I cannot take credit for because Cathy my group admin created it. She suggested the fragrance combination of Mulberry, Cotton Candy Frosting and Pink Sugar and told me how she grew up around Mulberry trees and really wanted a fragrance to remember the scent (where I got the name). Her suggestion was SPOT ON this turned out SCRUMPTIOUS!
    • Sweet Love: A beautiful blend of baby powder, Love Spell and Sweet Pea give this fragrance a very soft feminine scent
    • Strawberries & Champagne: Big juicy red ripe strawberries and ice cold crisp bubbly Champagne.
    • Tropical Cotton Candy: A fun and fizzy blend of Tropical Soda Pop and Cotton Candy Frosting for that perfectly sweet Tropical candy combination.
    • Vanberry Crunch: A deliciously fragrant blend of Captain Crunch-berries Cereal Type and French Vanilla.