Stressed Blessed & Coffee Obsessed Sampler Featured Fragrance List

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  1. Espresso: This is a very bold robust rich dark roasted espresso blend. We took that strong, almost bitter yet perfectly balanced aroma of Starbucks® Type an toned down some of the bitterness with a perfect combination of vanilla beans and cocoa beans.
  2. Cup O' Joe: Sometimes the best things are life are so simple. That's how we feel about this coffee blend. Brazilian Coffee Beans fill the room with a medium to light roasted coffee blend.
  3. Gentleman Joe: An amazing medium roast coffee blend, deliciously sweet Caramel Drizzle, Kentucky Bourbon & a touch of buttery delicious Butter Rum.
  4. Sweet Bourbon & Cream Latte: This is just simply Delicious. Once again We bring Starbucks Coffee type to the table but just a touch enough to give the bold rich coffee aroma we all long for but then.... We added Warm vanilla, creamy milk, sugary syrup and a healthy shot of Rich Warm Bourbon. This is a rich warm delicious cup of "after 5" coffee you will be so glad you added to your coffee collection.
  5. Tiffany's Best Javalicious Cupcakes: This one is a definite must try for coffee lovers we blended the bold strong blend of Starbucks Coffee Type with the wonderful sweet, creamy, buttery aroma of Fresh Baked Cupcake from Tiffany's.
  6. Tiffany's Best Mochaccino Cupcakes: Rich and Creamy Chocolate, Brazilian Coffee, Pure Cain Sugar and delicious buttery Cupcakes @ Tiffany's.
  7. Campfire Morning Brew: This one is soooo good. We took the yummy rich bold aroma of coffee and added the great outdoors with notes of Smoky blackberry merlot, to bacco flower, whis key, cocoa, marshmallow on top of crackling sandalwood and cedar with hints of amber and patchouli
  8. French Lavender Cafe' Au Lait: We took our medium roast coffee blend added fresh creme', the buttery delicious creaminess of French Vanilla an finally a touch of French Lavender to give that sweet aromatic fragrance of the perfect Lavender Cafe Au Lait..... mmmmmm good.
  9. Coffee & Dessert: Imagine the absolute best Blueberry Cobbler piping hot in the oven. The perfect flaky buttery crust, Fresh plump ripe beautiful blueberries bursting with sweet purple juice blending with the sugary sweetness of Pure Cane Sugar. Sounds amazing right? Now add a beautiful light to robust medium roasted dessert blend coffee YUM.
  10. Peppermint Mocha: Delicious light to mild Breakfast blend coffee and fresh cocoa beans create the perfect background for sweet creamy creme de menthe to create a delicious minty mocha delight.
  11. Caramel Macchiato: The perfect combination of robust medium dessert coffee blend, warm frothy steamed milk & caramel drizzle.
  12. Pumpkin Pecan Roast: This delicious coffee blend is so delicious and so fall. We used our light roast breakfast blend full of deliciously rich aroma yet it doesn't steal the show. This is the perfect backdrop for the nuttty, buttery fall goodness of Bath & Body Works® Pumpkin Pecan Waffles,