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Kiss Me I'm Irish Featured Fragrance List

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We offer different Featured Fragrances on different items every Month. For a list of all of our fragrances please click here *Opens in a separate window.


    • Brisk Georgia Breeze: Like a fresh Georgia Breeze in springtime Peaches, Red Trumpet Honeysuckle and Sweet Pea some of the best things you will find in the Georgia Breeze get a blend of 3 of the best with our Brisk Georgia Breeze.
      • Lip Smackin Lime Cake: This is amazing Lime cake not too flat but not too tart either. You get the lime notes right off the bat like it is definitely the star of the show, however Birthday Cake and Buttercream soon arrive and bring along French Vanilla to give a such a stellar Oscar performance in your warmer that you will saying Oncor!!!!
        • Orange Unicorn Sprinkles: An absolute dreamy blend of Birthday Cake, Summer Creamsickle & Sugar Cookie Royal.
        • Pink Sugared Lavender: Pink Sugar and Lavender.