King Of Horrors Fragrance List

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Bloodberry Pie: Poor Billy Halleck an obese Atty at Law didn't realize what the true cost of abuse of power was until he used his to get out of running over and killing a Gypsy’s daughter. He was cursed by the stroke of a hand and the simple word Thinner”. Later Billy convinces the Gypsy to help him transfer the curse to someone else by adding Billy’s blood to a strawberry Pie telling him whoever eats the Pie will take the curse from him and they will die. Two wrongs can’t make a right Billy……..Granny’s Pie Crust, Fresh Strawberries, Strawberry Jam, Sweet Creamy Butter, Rich Vanilla & Cotton Candy

Castle Rock, ME: Castle Rock Maine is a very quaint little town just off the coast of Maine.The clean fresh morning ocean air is what makes it such a wonderful place to live. The Home of Vic Trenton, his wife Donna and their five year old son Tad. It is also the home to a local mechanic Joe Camber and his son Brett who is the owner of Cujo, a very large St. Bernard who changes the lives of these two families forever. Salty Sea Air, Fresh Cut Grass, Oud Wood & Freesia are perfectly blended in honor of Cujo the very first Novel by Stephen King to be set 100% in Castle Rock, ME.

Carrie’s Revenge: Prom night was supposed to be a night to remember. However, Carrie made sure it was a night they'll forget. The smell of wood burning as the town behind is a silhouette of flames in the darkness, the taste of sweet revenge on her lips just like the cherry lip gloss her mother swore was the work of the devil; combined are the perfect recipe for Carrie's Revenge. Smokey sweet to notes of By the campfire, spicy cherry notes from red lipstick and the woody notes of oud wood.

Christine: This 1958 Plymouth Fury was everything to Arnie Cunningham the boy who just purchased “her” from George LeBay, who had inherited the car from his late brother Roland. The car came with a story and a name “Christine”. Arnie became obsessed with Christine or was he actually becoming possessed by her former owner Roland LeBay? Leather has been blended with the perfect amount of Mahogany Teakwood Type & and touch of Oud Wood reminiscent of the leather and hardwood interior of the evil car.

“For You Daddy”: Who can forget little Charlie McGee’s tear streaked face as she stood there flames all around seeing all the carnage the Agents of “The Shop” had forced her to do. She paused for a moment and looked around clutching her teddy bear to her chest and quietly said “For You Daddy”. She never wanted to be a “Firestarter” after all it was their fault she even had those powers. All she ever wanted was to  just be Charlene Roberta McGee aka “Charlie”. A delicate feminine scent of Waterlily, Sweet Pea,  Baby Powder and the slightest touch of By The Campfire to enhance what makes her special and give a little smokeyness to the blend. 

Georgie Boy: Georgie Denbrough was a typical 9 year old boy from Derry, ME. He falls victim to an evil possessed child killing Clown on a rainy day at a storm drain. “It”; calls himself Pennywise the clown uses Georgie Boy’s as a means to torture his older brother Billy Denbrough. If a ghost leaves a fragrance lingering we imagine Georgie’s would be Sweet and yummy from his favorite snacks, with a touch of masculine from getting onto his dad’s cologne. Our Georgie Boy is a blend of Sweet Candy Apples, Blue Sugar and Vanilla Ice Cream. You will love to have ole Georgie Boy lingering around in your home too!!!

Mr. Man: Paul Sheldon is a famous author who is rescued from a terrible car crash by Annie Wilkes, his “Number One Fan”. Annie has imprisoned Paul forcing him to re write his last novel and write her favorite heroine back to life. Annie is a true headcase who struggles with her feelings about him calling him names and keeping him complete “Misery”. We chose the very sexy fragrance made popular by Bath and Bodyworks® Midnight for Men Type. A very clean sophisticated fragrance  with Sage, Nutmeg, Ginger Cream, Caramel Liqueur, Leather, Wood & Patchouli

The Dixie Boy: You walk in and immediately smell the wonderful smell of delicious fresh baked bread and applewood smoked bacon. Bill Robinson; the cook is spooning another ladle of their famous pecan waffle batter on the waffle iron. Everything is perfect on this beautiful morning in June 1987 when the rogue Comet Rhea-M passes through the Earth's atmosphere and total chaos breaks out as machines gradually develop minds of their own and things kick in to “Maximum Overdrive”. Delicious Pumpkin Pecan Waffles Type, Applewood Smoked Bacon & just a touch of Fresh Baked Bread.

The Overlook Hotel: A eerie grand hotel full of evil secrets is no place for a boy with  “The Shinning” which is a combination of telepathic and clairvoyant abilities that also allows the person who is gifted to see the future or the past. Many ghosts are ever present in The Hotel including twin girls who want to play, as well as a ghost host who offers fine bourbon to his guests. Kentucky Bourbon, Black Ice & Oud Wood are perfectly blended to create this unique but beautiful fragrance.

Rose Red: Ellen Rimbauer loved her old Mansion “Rose Red” built for her by her husband. So many people she loved have died or disappeared in that home including her. When a Parapsychologist takes a group of “gifted” people to “Rose Red” to try to wake her up she gets way more than she bargains for. The house wakes up and the garden grows….. The fine leather furnishings, real hardwood floors and that beautiful rose garden it ALL wakes up. An awesome blend of Leather, Cedar Wood, Rose Petals and a touch of Patchouli.