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Featured Fragrances Bag O Hearts

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We offer different Featured Fragrances on different items every Month. For a list of all of our fragrances please click here *Opens in a separate window.

  • Caribbean Cowboy: Leather, Coconut Cream Pie & Copper Coconut (BBW TYPE). I cannot take credit for this blend as it was my son Joshua who came up with it. When he asked me to mix it for him I truly thought he was joking but Oh my goodness how this works! Just imagine buff tan gorgeous cowboy on the beach in blue jeans, no shirt riding his horse on his brand new leather saddle and he is oiled down in coconut suntan oil ALL you can smell is new leather & delicious creamy hint of coconut......now as good as that visual is......This smells better.
  • Let Them Eat Cake: Red Velvet Cake, Vanilla Velvet & Red Lipstick This is a smooth rich chocolate cake blend with a creamy base you'll envy, and a spicy cherry kiss that will leave them wanting more so just.... "Let Them eat Cake".
  • Live, Laugh, Love:  Avobath, Berries, Bubble Gum & Sweet Sweet Sugar. This blend is a bright invigorating beautiful fragrance than just makes you feel good when you walk into the room. I chose the name for that reason because, feeling good makes you happy to be aLIVE. When your feeling good it definitely encourages LAUGHter, And when the moments right can spark LOVE. 
  • Madi's Magic Mixture: Created on a fun filled night that Madi my granddaughter was spending the weekend. She helped me play "Wax Scientist" and created this beautiful blend of bright and sweet citrus notes of Kumquat and creamy rich French Vanilla. It took several tries but we finally found that perfect blend where the two complement each other without one overpowering the other Hence the "Magic" of her mixture