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Featured Fragrances Tiles

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We offer different Featured Fragrances on different items every Month. For a list of all of our fragrances please click here *Opens in a separate window.


  • Beach Bungalow: Like being on an exotic vacation breathing in the Salty Sea Air with notes of Dried Coconut, Eucalyptus, Night Blooming Jasmine, Carnation, and Vetiver followed by Sand Musk and White Drift Wood so relaxing.
  • Bow Ties & Bourbon: Our version of the fragrance made popular by Bath & Body Works®. with notes of Dark Oak, Bergamont and Bourbon this is a very sexy clean masculine fragrance.
  • Hippie Chic: Strong, Independent, Free Spirited, Fun Loving, Honest and True. What a true Hippie Chic is all about. This is truly a winner so sexy and alluring with a soft earthy base. Patchouli is blended with Hawaiian Sandalwood and Rose for an absolute show stopping fragrance that will blow you away!  
  • Live, Laugh, Love:  Avobath, Berries, Bubble Gum & Sweet Sweet Sugar. This blend is a bright invigorating beautiful fragrance than just makes you feel good when you walk into the room. I chose the name for that reason because, feeling good makes you happy to be aLIVE. When your feeling good it definitely encourages LAUGHter, And when the moments right can spark LOVE. 
  • Premium Hazelnut Roast: The bold, rich & robust whole bean aroma of Starbucks Coffee Type, accompanied by the buttery appeal of freshly roasted European hazelnuts and a touch of indulgent cream. You'll be headed to the coffee pot in no time needing to fill the need for a great cup of coffee!
  • The Bomb Cherry Cheese Cake: Creamy New York Style Cheese Cake is perfectly blended with the spicy cherry awesomeness of Red Lipstick. These two together take cherry cheesecake to a whole new level the dark cherries, light brown sugar, sweet raspberry, violets and cotton candy from the Red Lipstick really give this fragrance a next level Caliber you will truly Love.
  • Tiffany's Best Vanilla Butter Rum Cupcakes: If there ever was an exquisite delicious perfect cupcake blend it is definitely Cupcakes at Tiffany's. Copious amounts of Delicious Sweet & Slightly Fruity Buttercream mixed with Creamy, Fluffy Vanilla Cake, and perfect touches and hints of Toffee, & Chocolate. If you like Rich, buttery bakery goodness with a touch of booze this is a definite must. We added bourbon vanilla type and rich sweet buttery butter rum to CCAT and created a real treat you are sure to enjoy!