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Featured Fragrances Crystal Clear Body Spritzer

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We offer different Featured Fragrances on different items every Month. For a list of all of our fragrances please click here *Opens in a separate window.

    1. Bourbon Vanilla (Henri Bendel TYPE): Not to be confused with the very popular Vanilla Bourbon Candle Scent. Bourbon Vanilla was made Popular a few years ago by Henri Bendel and is a very sophisticated sultry and sexy fragrance that is in a class of it's own. With notes of Madagascar Vanilla, Musk and Citrus AMAZING!
    2. Candiverse: This Sweet delicious scent is better than out of this world. It is even better than out of this Universe. It is SO GOOD it is It's own Candiverse! A sweet yet tart and fruity blend of Bubblegum, Berries, Sweet Sugar, Lime Breeze, and a tiny touch of Black Cherry.
    3. Exotic Fruit Chew: Sweet and fruity blend of Bazooka Joe pink Bubble Gum, Sweet Berries, Sweet Spun Sugar and Kumquat.
    4. Hippie Chic: This beautifull blended trio of Hawaiian Sandalwood, Patchouli and Fresh Rose petals is one you will be so glad you added to your collection. The feminine yet woodsy notes from the Sandalwood marry so well with the earthy notes of the Patchouli then add the soft  but very subtle femenine floral touch of the fresh rose petals if you close your eyes you might swear you were back in the 70s!
    5. Sweet Mulberry Fizz: This sweet fizzy treat is an amazing yummy blend of Mulberry, Bubblegum, Berries, Sweet Sugar, and Fizzy Pop you can actually smell the Fizzy effervescents in this one it is soo yummy!