Fault In Our Stars (Zodiac) Sampler Fragrance List

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  1.  Aries: Known for their adventurous nature and always being busy. This blend was created with the Aries in mind. Never forgetting the quick witted and fierce nature I wanted to blend something to help them slow down a bit from their busy adventurous life. Sweet Pea, Lime Violet, Lavender & a touch of Baby Powder.
  2. Taurus: The loyalty and trustworthiness of a Taurus is truly Genuine. They have a strong sense of patience and tend to remain calm in most situations. This bright beautiful blend of Champagne Toast Type and Delicious Sweet Cotton Candy is a perfect companion to Make a Taurus feel as comfy and loved as they make those around them.
  3. Gemini: Are well known for being fun, intellectual and chatty. They can be a little high strung at times but do often have a tendency of being sympathetic and comforting. I wanted to create a blend that will help Gemini with relaxing and comfort. I chose a blend of Apple Maple Bourbon and Velvet Sugar Type with notes of  Wild Strawberry, Nectarine, Pear Blossom and Apple, Whipped cream, Whiskey, Yellow Plum, Coffee, Pink Jasmine, Honeysuckle, Freesia, Sugar, Caramel, Vanilla, Musk, Amber and Tolu Balsam.  
  4. Cancer: Known for their parental instincts and ability to nurture and protect all they love and care about. This blend I chose some fresh melon scents of Calyx Melon and Cantaloupe and Lily then adding a little sugary notes of Jelly bean and the creaminess of decadent vanilla to help keep Cancer grounded and feel good in their environment anf to focus some of that nurturing and protection on themselves as well.
  5. Leo: Much like a proud lion. A a Leo is known for their proud, playful and fun spirit, Filled with confidence and always loyal I wanted this blend to reflect just that. I used Bombshell Type, Velvet Sugar Type and fruity fun Sour Patch Kids to create a fun vibrant blend that screams confident, fun and flirty.
  6. Virgo: Observant practical and reliable. If you are ever in need of a dependable person in your life 9 times out of 10 a Virgo is your best choice. The blend I chose for Virgo was a blend of 2 of my most reliable blending fragrances I have and that is CCAT and Fruit Loops. This combination is absolutely heavenly. 
  7. Libra: Libras are very compassionate, graceful and idealistic people. They have a strong sense of justice and always prefer to look on the bright side. For this blend I took CCAT and added Cool Refreshing Mint, Tonka Bean and a hint of Creamy Vanilla to give them a sense of Home and warmth among family and friends after a hard day of seeking justice.
  8. Scorpio: If you are a Scorpio then you have a very strong drive and sense of determination. Some people may take you the wrong way because of your strong focus and sense of assertiveness that some mistake as forceful. The blend I created for Scorpio is a beautiful blend of My Dear Watson Type, fresh rose petals, wisteria, cyclamen, sandalwood and vanilla. A very soft somewhat floral blend to assist with keeping your focused yet allowing you the pleasure of just taking it easy.
  9. Sagittarius: They are spontaneous and fun, usually with a lot of friends, and are perhaps the best conversationalists in the zodiac ( or a close tie with Gemini). They are big travelers and let nothing hold them back from traveling around he world searching for the meaning of this crazy life. This blend I chose because like Sagittarius I wanted to find some adventure and fun in a fragrance.  Flannel Sheets, Blue Sugar, Chrome, Barnwood, and Casata Mist is a beautiful blend that is somewhat masculine yet has little hints of an exotic appeal the will definitely take you places!
  10. Capricorn: Capricorns are the ultimate worker bees. They’re ambitious, organized, practical, goal-oriented, and they don’t mind the hustle. They’re ready to give up a lot in order to achieve that goal. The blend I chose for Capricorn is a fun flirty blend of Blonde Moment, Blue Raspberry Sour Candy, and Steel Sugar. This bright fun fruity fragrance has the perfect hints of sexy and seduction it is sure to pull Capricorn out of work mode long enough to appreciate the fruits of their labors.
  11. Aquarius: Aquarians are shy and quiet , but on the other hand they can be eccentric and energetic.  They can easily solve problems as They are able to see without prejudice, on both sides of most given matters. They see the world as full of possibilities and are always helping others. They are in creative thinkers who feel the need to have mental stimulation or they will become bored and not achieve the best results. The blend I created for Aquarians (My Sign) is a bright and somewhat fruity blend that makes you feel alive. I have found I do my best work when I have a bright bold tart fun fruity fragrance in my warmers to keep me stimulated and get those creative juices flowing.
  12. Pisces: Pisces are very friendly people so they usually find themselves surrounded by many friends. They are considered the most creative of all of the zodiac signs and will usually exude creativity in their everyday life. Pisces are selfless, they are always willing to help others, without hoping to get anything back. Pisces sign have an intuitive understanding of the life cycle and thus achieve the best emotional relationship with other beings.  Pisces are typically gentle and can be overly trusting at times. They are considered the most tolerant of the 12 signs. I chose the blend of Banana, Coconut, Mango, Papaya, Star Fruit, Grape, Fizzy Pop, a touch of Black Cherry and perfect amount of Sparkling Limeade in honor of the friendly and sweet nature of born under Pisces.