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Sweet Revenge

Sweet Revenge

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Approximately 2.95 to 3.05 oz. total weight.

Sweet Revenge: I often wondered exactly what the smell of sweet revenge smells like. I am one who finds the sweetest revenge is not about an act that I do to someone, but when I do not allow other people’s attempts at revenge to bother me. My secret to that is staying positive and that eliminates stress so the smell of sweet revenge to me fun, positive and fruity like this amazingly sweet and fruity blend of Satsuma, blood orange, goji berry, sugary crystals, creamy vanilla, jelly beans, coconut, lemon, banana, bubblegum, apples, pears, sugared violet, Satsuma plum, jasmine, cotton candy, Madagascar vanilla, & musk.

Includes 3 Adorable little Kittys in different cute poses. Each one is hand painted with Mica not any paints so no need to worry about your warmer bowl.

These are super scented with an excellent fragrance throw both hot and cold. Order yours while supplies last

The photo provided is not ax exact representation and used for illustrative purposes only. All of our products are hand made and poured in small batches. We cannot guarantee exact design layout or color match from batch to batch. We do strive to get them as close as possible so you know what to expect with each design.