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Paw Prints (2 Pack) (Ready To Ship)

Paw Prints (2 Pack) (Ready To Ship)

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This Product Is Ready To Ship please allow 2-10 days for Delivery

Approximately 1.70 to 1.75 Oz Total Weight

Includes 2 little paw prints In your choice of the following fragrances:

Tiffany's Best Flavors of Fall: We took our 2 favorite fall bakery blends; Pumpkin Pecan Waffles Type and Vanilla Pumpkin Marshmallow Type and found the perfect ratios to blend with Cupcakes @ Tiffany's that will fill your home with fabulous fall magic!

Bloodberry Pie: Poor Billy Halleck an obese Atty at Law didn't realize what the true cost of abuse of power was until he used his to get out of running over and killing a Gypsy’s daughter. He was cursed by the stroke of a hand and the simple word Thinner”. Later Billy convinces the Gypsy to help him transfer the curse to someone else by adding Billy’s blood to a strawberry Pie telling him whoever eats the Pie will take the curse from him and they will die. Two wrongs can’t make a right Billy……..Granny’s Pie Crust, Fresh Strawberries, Strawberry Jam, Sweet Creamy Butter, Rich Vanilla & Cotton Candy.

Candilicious: This Candy scent is absolutely STELLAR it smells so good you cant decide if you want to eat it, or bathe in it. Sweet tart tangy Kumquats and blended with Pink Sugar Type and and fresh ripe Berries and a touch of bubble gum it so good it is Candilicious!

All of our wax melt products are hand made and poured in small batches. We cannot guarantee exact design layout or color match from batch to batch. We do strive to get them as close as possible so you know what to expect with each design.